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Testimonials: Testimonials

I strongly recommend Heather- the class I took with her was the highlight of my week.

She is such a thoughtful and caring teacher.

My core is stronger and I am more thoughtful about how I hold and move my body as a result of this course.

Jenna E.

Heather’s classes are a great mix of movement, breathing, strength, flexibility and relaxation. I feel safe and supported in Heather’s classes whilst also energised, ready to improve and be challenged.

Ashley S.

I think your classes are really great and I'm actually back to my pre pregnancy weight after the classes.

The once a week class and daily 10 mins really works and I do feel stronger overall and also making sure that I engage my core when I carry my daughter


I look forward to Heather’s classes all week. She is a brilliant teacher, creates a relaxing atmosphere and is sensible to individual needs. Her class nourishes my mind, body and soul.

Rita S.

Heather provides an incredible program for women to help rediscover and heal their bodies after the challenge of pregnancy and birth. Her techniques and guidance are gentle yet lasting as she helps her students understand the impacts of the changes and the path to recovery.

Cory B.

Heather is incredibly knowledgeable and articulate when explaining what we’re doing and why it works. My core is definitely feeling the benefits of her classes.

Lou L.

I love starting my day with Heather.

It had been a while since I had worked on my core but after just a few sessions with Heather and by following her homework plan, my core was stronger than it had been before I had children.

Rachael B.

Heather's teaching was thorough and motivating. I learned important strategies to bring awareness back to my breath, posture ad post partum core, and within a few weeks felt much stronger. I am so grateful for Heather's classes for waking up my core again!

Moira L.

Thank you for being an outstanding and dedicated teacher! You motivated me to want to improve and do the homework, which was very manageable.

Katrise B.

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